Inspiration on the Big Screen (43rd Commander’s Movie List)

“Hey Boss, the CSAF has his reading list, right, so why not make a 43rd Commander’s Movie List?!”  Movie quotes abound…”shots fired” constantly, so challenge accepted!  There are many options to inspire, provoke thought, or just enjoy a great film, so enjoy some ProDev via the big screen!  Nowhere close to an all inclusive list (sorry Major-Select, but didn’t have room for “Jaws” on the ProDev list, but great summer movie on its own), but I highly recommend these 43 movies to make you think!

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  • The Last Castle – Leadership/sacrifice to challenge toxic leadership.
  • Instinct – Leavers vs. Takers…which one are you?
  • Contact – If it is just us, it’s an awful waste of space…
  • Running Brave – Never give up! First U.S. 10,000m Olympian!
  • Dead Poet’s Society – Carpe Diem!  Challenge your own views.
  • Braveheart – FREEDOM!
  • It’s a Wonderful Life – You never know the impact you have on others!
  • Whiplash – Effort in the face of toxic leadership…
  • Les Miserables – Do you hear the people sing?
  • Amistad – Fighting for freedom from slavery…
  • The Natural – Never give up on your dreams!
  • What Dreams May Come – Through heaven and hell, love finds a way…
  • Good Will Hunting – Genius in the shadows, but we all have baggage…
  • Apollo 13 – “Houston, we have a problem!”
  • Remember the Titans – When a team comes together, wow!
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus – What is your impact, your legacy?
  • Finding Forrester – Challenge of stereotypes, integrity, and courage.
  • Miracle – “Do you believe in miracles…YES!”
  • The Devil Wears Prada – if  you want to know the life of an Aide de Camp…
  • Hoosiers – Not about you, it’s about the team.
  • Parenthood – Life is a roller coaster ride, hang on..
  • Lean on Me – Fair East Side…
  • Life is Beautiful – Find the good, even in tragedy and loss…
  • Shawshank Redemption – Dedication, persistence, courage…
  • The Guardian – Set records for you, or set records to help others?
  • August Rush – Find the music within you…
  • Boondock Saints – Called to righteousness, vigilante style…
  • Bullworth – Honesty in politics, who knows?!
  • Gladiator – “There was a dream that once was Rome…”
  • John Q – What do you do when the system won’t help you?
  • Hidden Figures – The powerful story of the women of NASA!
  • Fight Club – “You do not talk about Fight Club…”
  • Men of Honor – Don’t let others stand in your way…
  • Whale Rider – Break the status quo and follow your heart…
  • American History X – Stereotypes and society pin us down; get back up!
  • Interstellar – Challenge your dimensional views of exploration…
  • Inception – What is real?
  • Glory – Courage in the Civil War.
  • Hotel Rwanda – Fighting for survival during the Rwandan genocide.
  • Hunt for Red October – American and Soviet intrigue during the Cold War.
  • 42 – The story of Jackie Robinson’s courage in breaking baseball’s color barrier.
  • Driven – A driver finds himself amidst early celebrity.
  • Pi – Can you find order amidst chaos?  Mathematics’ connection to the Universe.

I had to stop myself at 43 (here’s to the Bats), but it was tough to cut the list of so many great movies.  Bottom line: seek out ways to explore new ideas, expand your mind, and look for ways that can add to your personal and professional development!  Be open to new ideas and use them to lead well…

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